VA Claim Taking So Long

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Why Is My VA Claim Taking So Long?

How many times have you wondered, “Why is the VA taking so long to make a decision on my claim?” If you have, you certainly aren’t the only one — In fact, this is the second most frequently asked question. 


We know fights with the VA can be frustrating; that’s why we’re here to help! Here are the top 3 reasons why your VA claim is taking so long.


Lack of Medical Evidence 


Insufficient medical evidence is one of the main reasons your PTSD claim may be denied. Make sure to gather all of your medical records as proof to support your claim. 


Here are types of evidence that will help speed up your claim process:

  • Medical diagnosis from your doctor
  • Completed Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQs)
  • Nexus Letter
  • Personal Statement
  • Buddy Letters


The Type of Claim Filed


Did you know the VA has two different types of claims you can file? One is a standard claim, and the other is a fully developed claim, also known as an FDC. 


Standard Claim


So what is a standard claim? A standard claim is when you file, and the VA develops most of your requests. Essentially, they contact any federal government or private agencies that may have any of your records and retrieve them. 


Sounds great, right? Well, the bad thing about it is that many times it takes a lot more time, and you’re often left in the dark during the claim process. You also rely on the VA to do the work and find your medical records. However, unfortunately, many times, they don’t. 


Fully Developed Claim (FDC)


A fully developed claim is when you provide all of the medical evidence required to back up your claim. This makes it easier for the VA to verify and file, which makes your claim process faster — Plus, it keeps you in the loop of what’s going on with your claim. 


Please be aware that the VA can downgrade your fully developed claim to a standard claim if you do not provide enough information. 


Your Location


Depending on where you live will also determine how long the VA takes to make a decision on your claim. Living in areas that are highly populated with other Veterans will slow down your claim process. 


If you have a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) help file your claim, you automatically go to the bottom of the stack along with the hundred other VA claims. This means depending on how many other Veterans the organization is helping — it may take them longer to help you. 


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VA Claim Taking So Long
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