PTSD Disability Claim Denied

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Why Was My PTSD Disability Claim Denied?

4 Main Reasons Why Your PTSD Disability Claim Was Denied By The VA


With PTSD being one of the top VA disability claims, we know firsthand how frustrating it is to keep getting denial after denial. The fact of the matter is that veterans are often denied their PTSD disability claim even when they have medical documentation. 


Continuously being denied by the VA can take a toll on you — It can make you feel like giving up on your claim, but DON’T! Here are the 4 main reasons why the VA denied your PTSD disability claim.


Not Enough Evidence 


Insufficient evidence is one of the main reasons a PTSD disability claim may be denied. In order for the VA to approve your PTSD claim for disability, you will need to show proof to prove your claim — This means gathering both your private and military medical records. 


Problems With Eligibility


Were you dishonorably discharged? If so, this would result in an immediate denial of your PTSD disability claim. The good news is that depending on why you were discharged, you could file for a change through the Discharge Review Board (DRB) — Although it is challenging to get a change in discharge status, it is not impossible. 


Your PTSD Stressor is Unclear


If you do not provide a clear service-connected cause for your PTSD, then your claim will most likely be denied. The thing is that the VA is extremely busy, and with all the claims they review a day, you want to make sure your stressor is very clear — whether it be combat or non-combat — so that your PTSD claim is rated correctly. 


The VA Might Have Made A Mistake


Yes, unfortunately, the VA also makes mistakes, which is also a common reason PTSD claims are being denied! Many times, veterans assume that the VA already has their medical records or that the VA is on their side. Don’t take any stage of your claim process for granted, and remember, fight for what you deserve! 


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PTSD Disability Claim Denied
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