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Many Veterans who file for VA benefits are unaware of which disabilities they should claim — That’s why we’re here to help! At Veteran Adviser, we ensure ALL of your service-connected disabilities are claimed by providing an in-depth review of your medical records.

Our team helps Veterans EVERYWHERE — so regardless of where you live, as long as you have a physical address, we can assist you with your VA claim.

We know filing for VA benefits can be challenging and confusing, so whether you believe you were not properly rated, struggling with paperwork, or simply frustrated with the VA — Let us help you get the benefits you deserve!

“I would rate Veteran Compensation Services with a 10 out of 10. They were professional and efficient in raising my disability level to the highest extent.”

Bella L.


“Simply put! These guys know what they are doing. They were consistent with the communication and expedient with setting up appointments and submitting the proper paperwork. It was seamless for me. The entire process of success took about 40 days.”

Lamar B.


“A close friend recommended to me to give Veteran Ratings a try. I did and it was the best advice and decision I made. I was impressed with how fast they handled my case. Everyone is very knowledgeable about the VA process. Once again thanks for all your help.”

Reese T.


When attempting to increase your disability, you put the fate of your evaluation in the hands of contracted VA Doctors. As you may have experienced with past examinations, many C&P lack compassion and/or are unwilling to take YOUR WORD as medical evidence, which generally produces an inconsistency between how you reported your symptoms and the rating you received. Using private medical providers who understand the VA claims process and ensuring your symptoms are correctly documented could result in the proper rating that you deserve


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How Does It Work?

1. Contact Us!

To get started, you can either call us or fill out our contact form. We will perform a FREE review of your service-connected disabilities.

2. Medical Provider Review

We refer you to licensed doctors in your area who know the VA's claim process and schedule an appointment to review your service-connected disabilities.

3. Submit Your Claim to the VA

The medical provider will provide you with signed Disability Benefits Questionnaires. From there, we'll help you submit your claim to the VA.

What Are Your Options?

Do Your Own Claim


Chance at Success

  • Hours of Research
  • Complicated Paperwork
  • NO Answers to Your Questions
  • NO Professional Help

Veteran Service Organization


Chance at Success

  • Limited Knowledge of Best Practices
  • Overwhelmed Clerks
  • LONG Wait Times
  • Incomplete Medical Assessments

Assessment Questionnaires


Chance at Success

  • Automated Logic Software
  • Rulesets Using Up-to-Date VA Regulations
  • Printable Personal Assessment Forms
  • Self-Help Generalized Guides